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You set your targets. We do the plan, we make the feasibility check, we go with you through your business processes, we organize workshops with your staff and partners, we deliver you the results in the documented form. Your satisfaction is our success.

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Software Engineering, System Integration and Micro-Services

We are provider-independent company, and therefore we focus on modular systems, micro-services, easy to integrate, extend and configure. Through the many years of experience in system integration projects we know how to make your various applications work together efficiently.

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Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is the method we apply for the companies that have their business processes in the focus. The usual problem by the middle-sized and huge organisations is the loosing of the thread between the business processes, business objects, information objects, technical implementation in the applications and the final datastore. This is where we help successfully. The problems we investigated and solved are actually very similar in all industry sectors we have been touching until now. Regardless if gaming or transportation industry - the need for the efficient Enterprise Architecture Management is the same.

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Railways: TAF/TAP TSI implementation

Special requirements for Railway standardization in Europe (EU Regulation TAF/TAP TSI) are not an easy task. However, with the right partner, it is not so difficult as someone may think on a first glance. With the railway company we do:

- Audit and consulting

- Planning

- Business Case Writing

- Software development

- System management and maintenance

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data gathering, storing, analysing - yes, we do that as well. Depending on your data sets and your business requirements, we tell you what is possible to do out of your data. Where can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help you? Don't be afraid to ask.

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Business Intelligence

The most important thing is to decide. Decision support in enterprises nowadays cannot be made without using Business Intelligence. Find the way to make the best of your business. It is not easy, but you need to analytically process your data, to understand where are the advantages and disadvantages of your business strategy. We provider independent, our task is to find and build the best solution to fit your needs.

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